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8th Graders Playing HS Boys Soccer & Girls Softball » Logistics for 8th graders Playing Up - Spring 2022

Logistics for 8th graders Playing Up - Spring 2022

With 8th graders participating in HS sports this spring, there are some logistical items that I wanted to share with you to keep us on the same page. Here's the plan:
SOFTBALL- Fields are off-campus
  • Softball Practice: MS girls find their own transportation to the HS fields (which are off campus) just like the HS girls. They can walk or be transported by parents.
  • Softball Practice Transportation Home: Family responsibility
  • Softball Home Games: Same as practice
  • Softball Road Games: The Bus will pick up the MS girls first (if that is alright with transportation) and then proceed to the HS. The MS pick-up times have been added.
  • Softball Road Games Upon returning home: MS parents pick up the girls in the HS bus loop
SOCCER- currently at Shepard Field until further notice. Shepard Field is off campus in the Fox Hollow Area
  • Soccer practice: Transportation provided by parent/guardians
  • Home Games: Same
  • Road Games: See schedule for MS pick-up time
  • Transportation after practice and home games: Parent/guardians unless we are able to return to the HS campus field which would give those kids the option of the activity bus.
Here are the HS Schedules with the necessary game and travel information: