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7th Social Studies

7th Grade Social Studies
Supplies needed:  Class Notebook (Spiral college ruled one subject notebook or a small one subject three ring binder),  small pack of colored pencils for maps, set of three different colored highlighters, and a good supply of pencils.     
1st Trimester:  World History - Early European History 
     This trimester we will be continuing where students left off in 6th grade, the Roman Empire with Mrs. Dunbar. and we will move into early European history through the Age of Exploration. Then in 8th grade students will continue on with the birth of United States of America in U.S. History.   
Content will include:  European Geography
                                  Early, Middle, and Dark Ages 
                                  Age of Enlightenment and Discovery
                                  Significant people, places, events, and concepts
2nd & 3rd Trimester:  Pacific Northwest History with emphasis on Washington State History
       This course is a requirement for graduation from High School.  Students must pass this class to receive the credit needed for their diploma in Washington State.  Student resources will be posted with each unit to support. 
Content will include:  Geography
                                  Native American History (Coastal and Plateau tribes)
                                  Fur Trapping and Trading Era
                                  Missionaries and Settlers
                                  Conflicts and Treaties
                                  Path to Statehood
                                  Resources and Industries
                                  Planning for the Future of the Pacific Northwest
Homework assignments will be posted for both students and parents to view.   Students are expected to view skyward often and are encouraged to use class time wisely to minimize the amount of homework they will need to complete.  
With the new one-to-one chromebook program this year, my expectations are that students will remain on task when using their chromebook, use and care for them properly, and have them charged and in class with them when prompted.  Students will run the risk of losing the privilege of using them in class, if they become a distraction to their own learning or the learning of others.  
Students are expected to maintain a class notebook that will be check periodically, all three trimesters.  The notebook may be a spiral one subject notebook or a small three ring binder.  During the geography unit students will be doing some map coloring with colored pencils.  I have a classroom box of colored pencils, however students are encouraged to bring their own.  Lastly, students will be asked to highlight material from time to time and a set of three different colored highlighters would be another helpful item the student is expected to have.  (I do have some highlighters but they disappear quickly.) 


I look forward to partnering with you in your child’s educational experience.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me. 

Mrs. Roxanne Wickward 

7th Grade - World History & Washington State History