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6th grade Cougar Connection

March 22, 2020
Please note that at the bottom of this page is a link to a document that will offer some addition learning opportunities.  
Stay well and please practice the strategies we have been working on in class.  
Most Sincerely,
Mrs. Wickward
Dear 6th grade Students and Parents,
 Welcome to the 2019-2020 academic school year.  I am very excited to have you in class this trimester.  The aim for this course is to develop skills that will positively impact your academic, professional, and personal life.  We will do this through building social emotional skills, study skills, vocabulary, and through hands-on service projects.  This course helps to identify purpose in why learning is important. Also, the course examines the responsibility we have to be a good citizen.  Also we will explore how decisions and behavior can impact ourselves and those around us, especially when practicing good citizenship skills within the communities we belong to.  The foundation skills that is course introduces are tools that build confidence and leadership in learners.  
Supplies Needed:  spiral notebook (class notes), a small binder (class handouts), supply of pencils (you must bring a pencil to class each day), and three different colored highlighters (for study skills lessons).  
Cougar Connection is a researched-based SEL (Social Emotional Learning ) course designed to provide students with the competencies necessary to successfully navigate Middle school and beyond.  The course will include curriculum from Second Steps (SEL) and Sound Discipline strategies, study skills, vocabulary enrichment, and service learning projects.   Upon completion of this course students will have explored and participated in:
Second Steps & Sound Discipline:  Empathy and Communication, Bullying Prevention
Emotion Management, Problem Solving, and Substance Abuse Prevention
Study Skills:  organization, goal setting & planning, time management, learning strategies for multiple learning styles, motivational, memory, test-taking, note-taking, listening,  and reading and writing strategies.
Vocabulary enrichment:  Weekly vocabulary building is integrated because research shows that vocabulary is a strong indicator for student success. (Marzano & Pickering, 2005). Please visit the link to read more about the importance of building a strong vocabulary.  Words will be given weekly and posted this website and will be taken from the lesson and the Vocabulary Workshop 6th  book.
Image result for common core vocabulary for 6th grade book
Service Learning Projects:  Our service learning projects aim to build a bridge between creating purpose and responsibility with real world interaction and learning, for the student.  One of our foundation objectives is to give purpose to our learning.  Service learning creates opportunities in which students can practice their personal and social skills they have been exploring while enhancing and giving purpose to their academic learning.  Students will have the opportunity for civic engagement.  They will develop a deeper understanding of their attributes and how they can make a positive difference in the communities they belong to.  Our service learning projects will be student-led and teacher and/or parent facilitated.     (Examples of what service learning can look like are:  starting a community/school garden, coat drive, awareness projects, peer tutoring, taking the school's recycling program to the next level, starting a zero food waste program, etc.)
Assignments & Assessments will be posted on this website and a parent letter will be emailed with each Second Step unit.
Classroom Agreement will be posted after our first class meeting.  
*Cell phones are not to be brought into the classroom.  Please kept them in your locker.  (MLMS policy)
Parents, thank you for your partnership in your child's educational experience.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  More information will be communicated as we move through our lessons.
Mrs. Roxanne Wickward
" Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can do what others can't."
                ~ Jerry Rice