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Welcome to Language Arts

Dear Parents or Guardians:


My name is Dave Dormaier. I have been teaching in the Medical Lake School District for the last 28 years. I also grew up in Medical Lake, and I enjoyed the community so much that I came back to work and raise my family here. I am very excited to work with your children throughout the school year. Please review this letter and sign it to return to me so I know you have reviewed it and my web page with your student.  Some basics rules, expectations, communications, and supplies are as follows:

School Rules:

Students will not wear hats, bring backpacks or cell phones to class

No computer games or streaming music in class.


Students are expected to be in their seat ready to work when the tardy bell rings.

When the bell rings at the end of the period, I will excuse students.

When class has started, students  are to be working at their seat unless they ask to get up. It’s simply good manners.

Whether students are in the classroom or computer lab, there will be no games.

Students need to come to class prepared- notebooks, textbooks, pens, etc. (this is very important)

Parent communication:

Grades are always very current on my grade book. If you have questions, please call or email me. Please have your student show you my web page so you can see where all the assignments are posted. You can also subscribe and assignments will be notified through your email.

Lesson plans are posted at the beginning of the week on my web page. Please refer to my web page through the Medical Lake School District Web Page, academics, staff, under David Dormaier.

Grammar notes are posted on my web page as we work our way through the parts of speech and punctuation.

Assignments are also posted on my web page and can be printed if lost or absent.

Student supplies for class:

2 spiral notebooks

Pens- blue or black are to be used for assignments and they should have a green or purple pen for correcting.

A  3 ring binder to keep everything within.

I look forward to working with you and your students in furthering their education in an ever-advancing global community.



David Dormaier                                                 Parent/Guardian Signature_______________________________________