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8th Grade Journal Entries

Trimester 2
1. December 2- Open written
2. December 4- Revisit your goal from August 29. Give an update on this goal. Write a new SMART goal. Why this goal and how you going to accomplish it?
3. December 9- Open written
4. December 12- What would you do if you could travel into the future?
5. December 16- Open written
6. December 18- What are you looking most forward to during Christmas vacation?
7. January 7- Open written
8. January 9- Do you believe in making a new year’s resolution? Why or why not? If you do, write your resolution.
9. January 14- Open written
10. January 16- If you could end one world problem, what would it be? Explain.
11. January 21- Open written
12. January 23- Describe your room at home in detail. What are you proudest of and why?
13. January 28- Open written
14. January 30- If you could do something that you never have done before, what would it be? Why would you want to do it?
15. February 4- Open written
16. February 6- Your favorite food. What do you love about this food? How often do you eat it? 
17. February 11- Open written
18. February 13- Discuss your thoughts about what you have learned about the Holocaust
19. February 18- Open written
20. February 20- Discuss how trimester #2 went. Struggles? Successes?
Trimester 1
1. August 29- Write a SMART goal for the year
2. September 4- Open written topic
3. September 5- Write about your summer vacation
4. September 10- Open written topic
5. September 12-Write about a time in your life when you struggled with a choice and made the right one.
6. September 17- Open written topic
7. September 19- What part of high school are you most excited about? Why?
8. September 24- Open written topic
9. September 26- What qualities make someone a good listener? Why? Are you a good listener?
10. October 2- Open written topic
11. October 3- “I was abducted by aliens last night. Let me describe my experience...”
12. October 8- Open written topic
13. October 10- I was suddenly awakened by a flash outside my window...
14. October 15- Open written topic
15. October 17- What do you believe would be the best way for a school to stop bullying?
16. October 22- Open written
17. October 24- If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
18- October 29- Open written
19- October 31- I was counting all my candy when all of a sudden…
20- November 5- Open written
21- November 7- Are you worried about becoming an adult? Why or why not?
22- November 12- Open written
23- November 14- Discuss how you feel you have done as a student this trimester. In what areas do you need to improve?