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WELCOME TO 6th Grade Reading Expansion

Reading Expansion                                                                  Email:
Instructor: Mrs. Lee                                                                  Phone : 565-3343 
Periods- 1-5       
Overview and Purpose 
Reading expansion is a supplemental course designed to enhance student's close reading skills and support the implementation of Common Core Reading Standards. Students will read widely and deeply from among a broad range of challenging literary and informational texts . They will also integrate their knowledge by responding to the content through class discussions, multi-media activities and written responses. 


Education Standards

1) Key Ideas and details 

2) Craft and Structure 

3 Integration of Knowledge and Ideas 

4) Range of Reading and Text Complexity 



Texts used: 

Ready Common Core - integrated program of assessment and data-driven instruction designed to supplement the teaching of CCSS. 


Study Sync - Novel Units - a comprehensive hybrid (print and digital ) ELA program. 


Possible Class Novel Units   - Bridge To Terabitha - Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief -- Wrinkle in Time -- Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry -- Tangerine 


Assignments -- please check Mrs. Lee's web page for up to date calendar of assignments. 


Grading- We will adhere to the school district Standards based grading policy . Please check your students grades and missing work information on Skyward Family Access. 


Materials needed:  Charged Chromebook - will be issued Sept. 3rd


                                  Notebook - this should stay at school 

                                  Pens and pencils 

                                  Folder (for going back and forth to home with homework )


Classroom procedures: 

Before Class - Bring materials to class 

                          Arrive on time

                          Enter in a polite manner

                          Take seat and get ready 

During Class- Follow classroom and school rules 

                         Listen carefully 

                         Work to the best of his/her ability 

                         Ask for help when needed 

After Class -   Check assignment calendar in google classroom 

                         Gather homework material in take home folder 

                         Complete homework 

                         Gather school materials to bring back the next day 


Assessments and progress monitoring - in addition to informal classroom based assessments we will also do formal assessments at several points throughout the year. 

AIMSWEB bench marking will take place Fall / Winter/ Spring  - progress monitoring will be monthly for students who test in the lower 25th percentile. 

SBA interim based assessments pre & post tests for information and literary texts will take place fall and winter 

SBA- state testing will occur in May. 

Results of these assessments will be available  to you at Fall and Spring student led conferences. 






Recent Posts

Welcome to Art

Welcome to 6th Grade Art  !!!

Instructor: Mrs. Lee                                     

Period 7               phone (509) 565- 3343

Course Description:

The 6th Grade Art Curriculum is designed to be in accordance with Washington State Standards. We introduce students to the Element of Art, a variety of techniques and media (the materials used), with an introduction to art history and the ability to present and respond to art. Individual creativity, neatness, and showing respect for other people’s work is encouraged.

Area of Study:

Trimester 1  The Elements of Art; which are line, shape, value, texture, color, space and form.

Trimester 2   Art Through the Ages 

Trimester 3   Art Around the World 

Grading Procedures: 

 Grades will be determined by daily work and finished projects. The three criteria for each assignment will be Applies knowledge and skills (follow directions and turns in neat, careful, quality work); Communication (can express feelings and ideas); and Demonstrates thinking skills (can identify patterns and follow multiple steps). Students will be encouraged to self-assess using a project rubric and reflect on how they feel about their work. 

Projects will be assessed using a standards based  1-4 scale.

Classroom Expectations:

Do your best and have a positive attitude!

Treat others respectfully.

Take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

Be prepared for class.

Respect art supplies and school property.

Clean up on time- class will be dismissed when supplies are accounted for, work area and floor is clear. 

Materials and Supplies: Students will need pencils and erasers. Students may bring their own art supplies to use in class if they choose to do so - however, most of the art supplies will be provided in the classroom. We are in need of some supplies --- old magazines for cutting up,  egg crates, paper towel tubes, paper plates / cups to use for paint pallets. Also interested in a possible demonstration  of knitting or crochet if you have this talent and time. 

I am looking forward to an exciting semester of art!

Mrs. Lee

Letter to Families

August 28, 2019


Dear Families :

 Welcome to 6th grade. I am Mrs. Lee and I teach Reading Expansion and Art. Please check out the syllabus for each of these classes on my web page to see the things we will be teaching and learning this year. 

This  is an exciting and somewhat scary time for students as they transition from elementary school to middle school. There will be a great deal of personal and academic growth and change happening this year. Among the most challenging will be staying organized and responsible  for 7 different classes. There are ways that you can help your student with this. Please access teacher websites and/ or Google classrooms often for up to date information about what is being taught, homework, due dates, etc. You can also check your student’s grades, progress, and missing assignments on Skyward Family Access. Directions to access these are below. 


Teacher webpages: 

From the district webpage select “Schools” on the top ribbon and then scroll to  “Medical Lake Middle School.” You can select “School” and then “Staff.”  When you select the teacher's name it will take you to their web page where you will find helpful links including Google Classroom and the Calendar of Assignments, which is helpful for you to view our class syllabus, current assignments, due dates, and to find work if your student is absent. Family Access can help you keep track of students’ grades and can also be accessed from the district web page. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or information that will help your student have a very successful and productive year at Medical Lake Middle School. 

Email --

Phone -- (509) 565-3343


Kimberly A. Lee

Sixth Grade Teacher

Reading and Art