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Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies:
Below my picture along the left side panel you will find links to files you may need or be interested in. 
My assignment calendar is my lesson plans for the day by week.
It will change as the student's pacing or events of the day change. 
The only time you can expect homework is as we end each unit we are studying and I assign a project.  Otherwise it is expected that the student will finish all of their daily work in class. 
Both vocabulary lists should be studied and memorized.
Useful website for Rome research: 


What the Ancients Did For Us - The Romans - History Documentary 

Please use guided notes from the assignment page with this link


Google Classroom Class Codes


1st: hpuajoo

2nd: w27sd4q

3rd: m6b4c9h

4th: nxncb9

5th: 73rcbt2