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Welcome to 6th Grade:
Social Studies: We study the Ancient Civilizations of Mesopotamia (current day Iraq), Egypt, India, China, Greece, and the Roman Empire as well as World Geography in alignment with our state standards.  You can see more about each unit in my class syllabus. 
ART: I align my lessons to the elements of art and the principles of design.  Each lesson highlights one or more of these themes.  My lessons follow the state standards and you can see more about that in my class syllabus. 
Teaching is my second career.  I originally earned a degree in Business Management from the University of Toledo, where my husband was a professor of Medicinal Chemistry, and my son was born.   I, myself, am a life long learner, having attended many colleges and Universities in my life.  I received my teaching certificate from EWU in 2003 and I have been lucky enough to teach here ever since.  I live in this community and take great pride in supporting Medical Lake businesses, events and families.
My assignment calendar lists my daily lesson plans for each week.
They are subject to change as the student's pacing or events of the day change. 
The only expected homework is when I assign a project at the end of each unit of study. 
I have listed 2 sets if vocabulary words that should be mastered by 7th grade.
We will work on these all year.

Google Classroom Class Codes are not posted online for privacy security


NEW: ART Classroom please ask for code


5th period Code please ask in class

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3rd Period Code please ask in class

2nd Period Code please ask in class

1st Period Code please ask in class


*Also, please use the Google Form to vote for the Teacher/Staff of the Month: see code in class





¨Without the knowledge of our past history, origin, and culture we are like trees without roots.¨
                  Marcus Garvey