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parent letter

August 28, 2019


Dear 7th Grade Parents,


I will be your child’s science teacher this year.  Prior to teaching in Medical Lake Middle School, I worked at Eastern Washington University doing research and teaching some classes.  Here is some  information about my science class.


We will spend about three-fourths of the year studying life science (biology) and finish the year with chemistry.  We have four small books from Prentice Hall that we will using for life science (“Cells & Heredity”, “From Bacteria to Plants”, “Animals” and “Environmental Science”).  In chemistry, we will be using the Chemical Interactions kit from FOSS.

Standard-Based Grading

Students will receive two types of grades - academic grades and non-academic grades.  The academic grades will show their progress in the life science standards, physical science standards and science/engineering practices.  There are two non-academic grades - work ethic which reflects completing work to the best of their ability and on-time, using class time wisely, showing determination/perseverance; ‚responsibility/respect which reflects being prepared and on time for class, respecting others, school property and instructional timeI also pass out missing work slips to the students every Monday.  Please use family access to monitor their progress.


If the students are using their class time efficiently, they will have very little homework.  Students will be reading the book and taking Cornell notes in a spiral notebook. They will be allowed to use their notebooks on tests!  I will always give the students a few days notice before tests.  Test dates will be written on the whiteboard and posted on the message center in Family Access.  If a student is absent, they will be given as many days as they were absent to complete their missing work.


Please read the safety contract on the back of this letter then sign and return the bottom portion.  If your child has questions or needs extra help; I am available before and after school.  The fastest way to reach me is via email at  I look forward to having your child in class!






Linda Sexton