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Mr. Glen Yamane » Classroom Procedures

Classroom Procedures

Classroom Procedures:

Expectations upon entering the Classroom:

  • Be on Time (In your desk when the bell rings or you are Late!)
  • Be Quiet (Come in calmly and civil. No horseplay)
  • Be Prepared (Have all material ready, homework out ready to correct)
  • Read the board for Daily Activity/Entry Task (Start Entry Task/Have yesterday’s homework ready)
  • Class time is not a time for drinks/bathroom - only emergency situations - Tardy

Starting the class/lesson:

  • Be aware of/begin the “learning (instructional) outcome” or entry task while I take attendance.
  • When the bell rings, you should have your book/work/pencil out and you are ready to work.
  • Have the prior lesson’s work done and out.
  • When teacher (or aid) is talking – you don’t.

Individual Behavior Expectations:

  • Prepared for class (book, homework, & notebook/tracking sheet, pencil sharpened, calculator, any other materials needed for lesson)
  • Answer Questions
    • When Called On
    • Volunteer
  • Positive Input
    • Ask Good Questions
    • Make Positive Comments
  • Stay in seat
  • Use appropriate voice (quiet)
  • Raise your hand to be recognized – be a good participant in discussions
  • No personal technology in class (phones, headphones, etc…)
  • Sharpen pencils after teaching is done or when you first arrive
  • Don’t damage or write on school property (desks, rulers, etc…..)



  • It is the student’s (you) responsibility to ask for missed work when you are absent
  • You get the number of days absent to make up missed work.
  • If you know you are going to be absent, tell me as soon as you know.
  • Don’t wait till the end of the period to tell me you need work.
  • If I’m gone, the classroom expectations are the same for the guest teacher. Treat them with respect.


Group Expectations:

  • Be a productive member of the group – make everyone feel welcome – Respect
  • Know your role in the group – everyone participates
  • Understand that all members of the group are responsible for learning outcome goals


Assignment/Work/Test Procedures:

  • Proper Heading
    • Name, date, period on every assignment.
  • Use only pencils, no pens allowed (use a pen = no grade)
  • Always show all work and label answers.
  • Answers to story problems should be written in full sentences.
  • Always try your hardest/partial credit is better than no credit.
  • Assignments are due at the beginning of the period.
  • Make sure work and name are legible.
  • If you get done early, have other work or a book to read to stay busy while other students are working.

Make-Up Work Procedures:

  • Check with teacher when you return for missing assignments
  • If you know you will be gone, ask for work as soon as you know. Not at the end of the period right before you leave.
  • If you need extra help – ASK! (lunch time or after school)
  • Check the website often to see your grade or missing assignments.

Exiting the Classroom:

  • Clean area around you. Pick up any garbage or green pencils.
  • Return any materials you borrowed.
  • Straighten rows.
  • Teacher releases you, not the bell. Stay seated until teacher lets you go.
  • Think, what was the Instructional Outcome for today and do you have any work to finish tonight?
  • Walk quietly out of the classroom.


Emergency Procedures:

1) Fire Drills

  • Exit in an orderly manner to appropriate location (2nd period teacher) and line up alphabetically (attendance)
  • Wait quietly as situation is assessed
  • Wait until all clear is given
  • If at passing or lunch, go find 2nd period teacher

2) In Place (Lockdown)

  • Sit quietly in seat until all clear
  • Be responsible – not a time for goofing off!

3) Evacuations

  • Follow evacuation procedure – go with teacher to bus or safe route/location