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Mrs. Carey Schwarzer » Classroom Management Plan

Classroom Management Plan

Mrs. Schwarzer’s Classroom Management Plan

Classroom Rules

  1. Show Respect: Respect yourself. Respect others. Respect property.
  2. Be Responsible: Show up. Own it. Do your job with PRIDE.
  3. Solve Problems: Find solutions. Collaborate. GROWTH MINDSET.

During the first week of school the teacher will review the class rules and procedures with students.  These rules will be reviewed periodically with students. If the rules are broken, the following actions will result:

  • warning
  • private conversation with teacher
  • phone call home to parent
  • letter home to parent or office referral

**The order of the above steps may vary depending on the situation.


School Wide Expectations


Phones are only allowed before and after school and during lunch.

1st offense: Ask the student to put it away in their locker.

2nd offense: Phone is sent to the office and student can pick it up at the end of the day.

3rd offense:   Phone is sent to the office and parent must pick it up at the end of the day.

4th offense:  Phone is no longer allowed in school.



Students should charge their Chromebooks every night and bring it to every class.  



Students bring earbuds/headphones to class. They will be used for many lessons, but they should not be used to listen to music during class. Teachers will monitor that students are using them appropriately.


Food and Drinks:

Only water allowed in the classroom.

No food allowed in the classrooms. The only exception would be 1st period teachers can let students finish breakfast in the classroom at their discretion.



Coats should be stored in lockers. No coats in class.

Backpacks: No backpacks or bags in class. 



Students should stay in the cafeteria or outside during lunch.

Students need a hall pass to visit a teacher or the readiness room during lunch.


Mrs. Schwarzer's Expectations

Students will:

  1. Have a Growth Mindset, “I can do math!”
  2. Support one another’s ideas.
  3. Be prepared and contribute.
  4. Follow procedures
  5. Follow directions the 1st time they are given.