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Mrs. Teresa Raby » Welcome to Physical Education & Health!

Welcome to Physical Education & Health!

Hello, I am excited to work with you and your child this year. My goal is to have an enjoyable, structured learning environment where we will introduce students to knowledge and skills that will help them lead a fit, active, and healthy lifestyle. Also, our PE/Health staff will emphasize the establishment of healthy habits good attitudes, sport skill & knowledge, and physical improvement.


In an effort to gain the most knowledge in health and skill-related fitness from this class, all students will be required to follow the established school rules in addition to certain class expectations. Official class expectations have been discussed and are provided to each student for their and your convenience in the course syllabus.


In addition to our Physical Education program, we also teach Health concepts and knowledge. Starting in January, we will have 7th & 8th grade students in the classroom for a 7-week Health education course, covering various topics aligned with our State Health and Physical Education Standards. We will be teaching HIV/AIDs education in all 6-8 grades as and have implemented the Washington State Standards-based grading grade system for all grades. This means students will be graded on the on a grade scale of 1-4.


Grading Rubrics for the categories of Demonstrating Motor Skills, Sports & Fitness Knowledge, Work Ethic and Respect/Responsibility will be done on the following grading scale:

4=Mastering Standards   3=Meeting Standards   2=Approaching Standards 1=Attempting Standards IE= Insufficient Evidence


I am looking forward to a great year and hope our experience together can be a positive one. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions throughout the year.


Teresa Raby