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Welcome to Ms. Baughman's Web Page

 Medical Lake Middle School - Language Arts/LAP - Ms. Baughman
Welcome to My Classroom!!  
I am excited for the 2023-2024 school year. My name is Brenda Baughman and I will be your child's 7th grade Language Arts teacher. I will also be one of the LAP (Learning Assistance Program) teachers. Click on Links to learn more about LAP.  I grew up in Auburn, Washington, and graduated from Cheney High School.  I received my Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree at Eastern Washington University.  I taught at Glencoe High School in Oregon for three years before moving back to Washington.  I have been teaching in the Medical Lake School District for 22 years.  I am blessed to be teaching Language Arts!  I look forward to igniting your child's love of reading and writing.
Dr. Suess quote: The more you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you go!
Course Description: 
Students in my Language Arts class will become proficient through deliberate practice. Practice means that they will be given many opportunities to read (on and off grade-level text), combined with well-thought-out instruction to assist in understanding grade-level complex texts while learning to express their meaning through speaking and writing.  A text-centered approach builds students' background knowledge about a lot of different topics as well as helps them become confident, joyful readers.
Middle school students analyze, define, compare, and evaluate ideas with more precision when reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students work diligently to understand what the author or speaker is saying, learn to question the author's or speaker's assumptions, and assess the accuracy of their claims. Students continue to expand their vocabulary and use their new words in their stories, reports, and essays. They use relevant evidence when supporting their own points in writing and speaking, making their reasoning clear to readers or listeners. This ability helps students in their other classes.
Brenda Baughman, M. Ed 
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