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Ms. Lemire Lisa Lemire » Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus

8th Grade United States History

Ms. Lemire~Room 10

United States History 1776-1900

Students will explore the ideas, issues and events from the framing of the Constitution up through Reconstruction and Industrialization.

  • Focus of this class will be on the founding of the US, the Constitution and the development of politics, society, culture and the economy.

  • Students will also analyze current events of the world around them and make a connection to history and their lives.

Class Expectations

  • Attendance is required in Google Meets live session every day.

  • Standance Based Grading will be used on all assessments.

  • Due dates- I expect students to meet all due dates, however I know that there are circumstances that will arise, please contact me if you have issues and we will work out a plan.

  • Please use online etiquette during our Google meets time. (Read posted hand out)

  • Plagiarism- When doing research or looking up an answer to a history question you must put the answer in your own words.

Student Information

  • All assignments and class textbook will be accessed through Google classroom. 

  • You will submit assignments using Google classroom, do not mark “turned in” on an assignment if you have not actually done the assignment.

  • Please communicate with me if you have any questions, need help on an assignment or are having problems meeting a due date. Communication is the key to making virtual learning successful.

Parent/Guardian Information

  • Please communicate with me through email with any questions or concerns you may have. Communication is the key to make virtual teaching successful.

  • Students will be using Google classroom to access their class assignments, textbook and to submit assignments.

  • How to pass the class-

  • Use your time wisely during Google Meets to work on assignments.

  • Ask questions; communicate through email with me when you are struggling, I will do my best to help you succeed.

  • Turn your assignments in on time, don’t just mark them “turned in” you need to complete the assignment.